Ga een week op retraite in het prachtige Matala op Kreta en kom helemaal tot jezelf

Iedereen met een open geest is van harte welkom.

The bellydance workshop in Crete helps you to:

  • Have a wonderful feeling in your body
  • Have fun dancing
  • Relax completely and recharge your batteries
  • Nourish your feminine side
  • Bellydance without any effort
  • Grow
  • Your capacity to express yourself in a nonverbal level
  • Express yourself and share through bellydance

The bellydance workshop in Crete will happen in a peaceful, beautiful natural surrounding with:

  • Most friendly hotel
  • Swimming pool
  • Seaside at walking distance


This retreat week is suitable for everyone who has a busy life and wants to be able to completely relax and who does have affinity with eastern music and dance.

If you have some experience either in dance, yoga, tai chi, chi gong or related body work it is great. If you are a complete beginner and come with an open mind you are very welcome as well.

Most important is that you do appreciate a different approach to learning dance. For more information, click the button below.

Hotel Coral in beautiful Matala

The bellydance workshop in Crete takes place in Hotel Coral in beautiful Matala in the south of Crete/ Greece. Integrated body work will relax your mind and make you feel comfortable in your own body. That is stimulating the flow of movement in your bellydance. This will cause lots of pleasure bellydancing.



The bellydance workshop in Crete will take place again with a minimum of 3 participants. If you are interested please let me know as soon as possible. 

Best is if you already have formed a small group of three people. But also if you are on your own please let me know. 

As soon as I know who is coming we will pick a date for the week together. It has to be warm enough but not too hot. 

Last week of august or first week of September are great but not the only options.


The workshop will start on Monday at 10 am, and ends on Saturday at 7 or 8 pm. Flights are mostly on Sundays.

How to book your flight and hotel Coral from Holland?

In Dutch: Vanuit Nederland kun je namelijk - heel voordelig - je vliegreis met hotel Coral boeken als pakket. Dat doe je bij Sunweb. Voordelig is het wanneer je met zijn tween de kamer deelt. Sommige partners gaan ook gewoon mee. Let wel op: na de kerstperiode zijn er nog maar weinig kamers beschikbaar. Voor februari moeten we allemaal wel al hebben geboekt.


Dinner alongside the beach

In the evening we will have dinner at one of the Tavernas (Greek restaurants) alongside the beach or at the small town of Matala. (Dinner is not included in the price).


If the participants are of a variety of nationalities, then the classes will be given in simple English. Otherwise it will be in Dutch.

Former retreats

Did you know that I have been teaching those kinds of Bellydance retreats already for more than a decade?

And do you know that I have been teaching the bellydance workshop in Crete for the last 3 years at the same location? Here underneath you can listen to the experiences of women who were there in the last years.

Ervaringen van deelnemers

Over Sabouschka

"Ik geloof dat de wereld jou als vrouw weer nodig heeft. Ik denk dat onze wereld weer echte, voelende vrouwen nodig heeft. Ik weet dat elke vrouw mooi is. Het is mijn missie om jouw innerlijke schoonheid weer naar buiten te brengen. Het is mijn passie dat jij weer gaat stralen.”

Ik ben Sabouschka, danser en bewegingsexpert. Buikdans, lichaamswerk, beweging en expressie zijn mijn vakgebieden. Ik heb een Bachelor of Dance Artist."

Inscribtion and information


The price for the workshop is € 600,-. This includes all classes of 36 hours in total and with lots of personal attention in a very smallgroup.*
*= Travel expenses like flights and transfers from and to the airport and hotel and food are not included.

Early bird discounts.

If you inscribe with a down payment of € 100,- (non refundable)
before the 15th of January you only pay € 450,-
before the 1st of February you only pay € 500,-

How to inscribe

Try to inscribe approximately at the same time for the workshop as you book your hotel and your flight and make sure you have a permanent cancellation insurance (sluit een doorlopende annuleringsverzekering af). Like this chances are big that all costs get refunded to you in case of an emergency. Make a down payment of € 100,- to my account and book your hotel and your flight.
Make sure that the remaining amount is received before May 31st.

How to Order

To inscribe please ask me for my account number


Call me
Sabouschka & Dansstudio Pure Bellydance
Tel. 06-12510806
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2011 CV Haarlem

Cancellation policy:

For cancelations until the 16th of June € 100,- administrative costs will be withheld. Cancelling after the 16th of June is no longer possible. Your money can't be returned anymore. Here is where your permanent cancellation insurance comes in handy. What you can do instead is send someone else to take up your place.